ADAPTA.EARTH is an innovative climate adaptation and sustainability FinTech for the agriculture sector. This innovative company seeks to strengthen farmers' and Agri-SMEs' climate resilience and biodiversity practices while supporting their expansion plans. 

ADAPTA seeks to unlock capital for the Agriculture sector by transforming how lenders and investors evaluate the sector's risks. ADAPTA Climate & Sustainability Module (CSM) introduces a novel climate and sustainability algorithm, an adaptation and biodiversity plan, and a digital portfolio system. 

In the same way, that credit scoring algorithms transformed consumer and corporate finance, ADAPTA CSM may unlock millions of dollars for agriculture.

What We Provide


ADAPTA provides blended term loans (+5 years), quasi-equity (convertible debt and revenue-based loans), and straight equity. ADAPTA supports:

  • Climate adaptation and mitigation.

  • Growth capital - pre-harvest, production, logistics, CAPEX, and working capital.

  • Improvements in water management and energy efficiency. 

  • Technical assistance.

  • Other needs.


ADAPTA is launching ADAPTA CS, a novel App directed at lenders and investors using a novel climate and sustainability score to enhance agricultural credit risk assessment.

Please send any queries or summary proposals to info@adapta.earth

Image by Steven Weeks

ADAPTA commits to protecting and creating jobs, especially for women, youth, and rural workers. ADAPTA's novel Climate Adaptation Plan (CAP) uses gender information to select target value chains and enhance impact.  ADAPTA plans to increase productivity sustainably, reduce lifetime GHG emissions, increase acreage under Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA), increase energy and water efficiency, and protect and enhance biodiversity. All projects are aligned with IFC's Environmental & Social standards.