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Bringing Climate Science to Agriculture Finance

ADAPTA leverages climate science and regenerative agriculture to provide lenders with a risk management tool to understand farm and livestock climate and production risks while helping their clients become more resilient. 

Our Products


ADAPTA CS is a SaaS for financial institutions in East Africa, and soon Mexico and Central America, seeking to expand their agricultural portfolio. ADAPTA CS uses geospatial, climate, and ecosystem data to provide a new risk management tool to lenders while helping producers adapt to a changing climate. ADAPTA CS can be used from a computer or mobile device saving FIs due diligence costs.


ADAPTA provides long-term climate adaptation finance to cooperatives, SACCOs/credit unions, and SMEs.  ADAPTA uses blended finance models and its proprietary ADAPTA CS tool to provide growth and adaptation finance, preferably in partnership with other lenders or investors.  


A digital portfolio system that leverages satellite and weather data.  It provides real-time alerts to lenders and borrowers on current and imminent risks around weather events, water, vegetation, and pests. Advanced data is critical for immediate action to reduce farm losses.


A pay-for-service digital report for potential buyers and users of land. The report provides information on climate, ecosystem, and crop suitability. The Land Report can provide insights that can help the user mitigate and adapt to potential risks.  


We are a team of bankers, farmers, data scientists, and agronomists who came together to transform lending to the agricultural sector. We also believe that a changing climate and biodiversity loss pose a signifying risk to food systems and millions of farmers worldwide.

Our goal is simple: unlock capital for farmers, cooperatives, and Agri-SMEs by leveraging data and technology to reduce loan default risk by making farmers and food systems climate resilient.

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